Delicious & Healthy Wheatgrass

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Get a healthy, instant shot of antioxidants and vitamins

One of the biggest assets to any healthy eater’s repertoire is to know some quick and easy healthy juice recipes, and of these, knowing how to juice wheatgrass takes the carrot cake. Wheatgrass is the top shelf of healthy juices, but more often than not it becomes something you can only get in good smoothies when you head out to a smoothie bar after the gym. Making your own wheatgrass depends a lot on getting the best wheatgrass juicer for your kitchen, depending upon how many glasses you make, and how regularly you plan on making it, both for yourself and for anyone other family members trying to make some good changes to their diet.

Wheatgrass JuicerWheatgrass juice is made by juicing the tender green offshoots that sprout from wheat seeds soaked in water. The problem is that while hugely beneficial, you can’t get wheatgrass juice from using the leaves as the leaves are difficult to digest. Extracting the juice completely from the wheatgrass shoots requires a suitable wheatgrass juicer. Some people like using a manual wheatgrass juicer that has a crank handle and a spout for the juice, and looks somewhat like a meat churner. But the disadvantage is that this type of wheatgrass juicer can’t be used for anything else. Also, a manual wheatgrass juicer is going to be time consuming, which might not always be possible, especially if you’re running on a tight schedule.

In such a situation, consider getting an electrical automatic masticating juicer, which is the best wheatgrass juicer for healthy mixes on short notice. Masticating juicers work slowly and extract juice maximally from wheatgrass, so you can just leave it on and go for a quick shower, and your juice will be ready when you’re out. And the problem with manual wheatgrass juicers wont apply to masticating juicers. You can use the juicer for many other recipes. In fact you can use the wheatgrass juice in many healthy juice recipes.

Of course, you can always drink wheatgrass juice in neat shots, but if you don’t fancy the taste, here’s a delicious alternative. Juice a handful of black grapes or red grapes along with the wheatgrass to get a tangy mix that is yummy and incredibly healthy, an instant shot of antioxidants and vitamins, without compromising on taste. You can substitute the grapes for a twist of lemon and peppermint too. Wheatgrass can be the base for so many healthy juice recipes- try them out!

Wheatgrass Juice

For a more elaborate mix, take one cup of wheatgrass juice and keep it. Core two apples and juice them with one large stem of celery. Add this juice to the chilled wheatgrass juice and add a twist of lemon (or more, depending on how much lemon you like). In another version, you can give yourself a shot of vitamin A by combined one shot of wheatgrass juice, freshly extracted, with one cup chilled carrot juice. If you like, you can use sweetened carrot juice, but the original tastes fresher without the added sugar. It makes the best post workout drink, a wheatgrass glass shot of nutrients. Wheatgrass can be the base for so many healthy juice recipes- try them out!