Taste of Passion Fruit Juice

A Passion for Passion Fruit Juice!

Tropical fruit which has not any calories

Passion Fruit JuicesMost of us living away from the tropical belt are deprived of sinking our teeth into ripe tropical fruits, but thanks to canning and exports and imports, finding fruit that was previously considered ‘exotic’ is not a big deal. You just have to walk to the supermarket and voila, fruit bonanza. Case in point- passion fruit. Passion fruit is a tart and tangy but sweet fruit that looks like like an ugly plum outside, but is simply wonderful inside. The best part about passion fruit is that it completely changes the character of juices and smoothies. There aren’t even that many calories in fruit.

Passion fruit has approximately 50 calories per 100g, which is barely a slice of you daily requirement, but so full of vitamin C and potassium that you will be astonished. And the benefits of juicing passion fruit are that not only is the pulp retained, but the nutrients are retained too. The calories in fruit are low but the calories in juice are low too. A cup of passion fruit juice has barely 120-130 calories in it, and makes the perfect accompaniment to so many other fruits, if you don’t feel like drinking it on its own.

You can buy the fruit whole and juice it on your own, but if you’re looking for a quick fix, Tropicana juice is always on the shelves too. It tastes exactly like the fruit, without any additives or aftertastes, and is best wake up call for your senses after getting up in the morning or after a quick morning run. And again, instead of juicing fruit and using the juice, you can directly use the passion fruit Tropicana juice in recipes too!

Try this and see, if you feel like a change. Take 3 medium passion fruits and add two teaspoons of sugar and a cup of crushed ice, before blending it all together. Pour the slushy drink into a wide glass and twist lemon or lime on top (not both). Garnish with a slice of lemon and serve! You can modify this recipe by using two cups of passion fruit juice or Tropicana juice directly. If you want your kids to drink it, you can add 3 teaspoons of sugar to make it slightly sweeter.

For a great drink on a hot summer day, try passion fruit ice tea. You can add one cup of passion fruit juice or directly one cup of Tropicana juice to half a cup brewed ice tea, cooled. Shake well or blend with a twist of lime (optional), and pour over ice before serving, you can even garnish with a tiny umbrella and a long straw. This is a very good side to a light lunch, and kids love it too! Passion fruit juice is an amazing way to add a sharp twist of taste to your day!