Spinach Juice Benefits

Spinach-tastic Spinach Juice

One of the best kinds of fresh vegetable juices to add to your kitchen repertoire is spinach juice. Whether you’re a fan of fresh vegetable juice or vegetable smoothies, spinach juice is a great way to incorporate vegetables high in vitamin D, vitamin A, iron, folic acid and many B vitamins into your diet on a regular basis. Everyone knows the importance of having a good serving of green leafy vegetables in their diet. This is especially important for children, because their nutrient requirements are higher in their growing stage, and they may miss out on a lot of essential nutrients because of their carbohydrate laden junk and processed food diets. Even fore adults, though, adding vegetable smoothies and fresh vegetable juices is a great way to get a quick nutrient boost.

So how do you do this?

Here’s a quick recipe for fresh spinach juice.

Take one cup freshly chopped spinach leaves, add one peeled and sliced cucumber. If you like, you can juice the cucumber separately and strain it, and add to the juiced spinach. This way you can keep he spinach pulp for some extra fiber. Add a twist of lemon or lime or some added flavor, and either a dash of stevia or a pinch of salt.

For a different dimension of taste, you can juice both spinach and kale with the cucumber. It will taste stronger but it’s twice the nutrients!