Secrets of Watermelon Juice

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Are you looking for a terrific watermelon juice recipe?

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Spring’s here in full bloom, but with each day the temperature gets a little bit higher. When that part of the day hits when you just want to sit down in the shade and drink something cold, you know, summer is almost here. And what better drink to enjoy to cool off with, than a tall, cold glass of icy and sweet watermelon juice?

Watermelons themselves contain more than 95% water, which makes them the perfect candidate for a refreshing drink. But the advantage of the mild flavor of watermelon juice is that, if you know how to make a smoothie, you can combine it with so many fruits. Using fruit smoothie recipes, you can even make frozen fruit smoothies for an electrolyte packed drink that’ll instantly cool you off and let you enjoy summer instead of suffering it.

Watermelon Juice Recipe
In fact, here is a terrific watermelon juice recipe that is perfect for people who like yogurt smoothies, especially if you’ve been looking for a great breakfast smoothie recipe. Take one large cup of watermelon chunks (cubed if you like), and combine in a blender with one to one and a half cup of yogurt, and a small banana. Both the banana and watermelon are sweet, so you don’t need to add any extra sugar. In fact, you can make it a healthy breakfast smoothie by switching the yogurt for low fat yogurt or greek yogurt. Just add some crushed ice to the mix, blend and serve!

Variants of Watermelon Juice
A few variants you can try once you get more comfortable with how to make a smoothie are using frozen fruit to make frozen fruit smoothies with watermelon juice. Frozen fruits are a great way of adding flavor that is not seasonally available, for some truly delicious combinations. You can use frozen fruits like frozen raspberries, frozen blueberries (for an intense purple drink), frozen mango, frozen melon (for a very interesting blend), or even frozen honeydew melon or cantaloupe. Cantaloupe and honeydew help make the consistency thicker, in smoothie recipes with watermelon juice. You can even add a toothpick with a few cubes of melon on top for the perfect garnish!

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Take one large cup of cubed watermelon (seedless lets you retain the pulp without those annoying seeds), and one to one and a half cup of frozen strawberries, hulled and chopped. Combine them in the juicer with a twist of lemon juice and a little crushed ice for an amazing healthy breakfast smoothie that is basically the equivalent of eating watermelon and strawberries, that’s all! If you like, you can add a quarter teaspoon of vanilla essence, but you won’t really need it. If you’re planning on serving it to your kids, then feel free to add just a teaspoon of white sugar, to sweeten it slightly.

Smoothie Watermelon Juice Kick
Another great combination uses nothing but watermelon, with a little kick. This smoothie recipe calls for two cups of watermelon, cubed, with a little crushed ice, a few sprigs of mint, and a twist of lemon- that’s all! Just mix them in your juicer and then add a sprig of mint on top, with a lemon slice on the glass. This looks so elegant and is so refreshing at the same time. It’s the perfect accompaniment for summer lunches, and you can whip it up in five minutes if guests suddenly arrive. It’s going to take you only about the same time it will to pour some commercially bought tasteless juice into a glass- but you’ll garner rave reviews for it! Watermelon juice is the perfect base to use in the best breakfast smoothie recipes, and if you don’t feel like mixing, you can just drink it as it is!