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Juicing Vegetables Benefit

With the juicing trend still going strong, and so many benefits that can be derived from juicing together different fruits and vegetables, it’s a good idea to know about what kind of juicers you really need before you go out and buy a juice extractor. There are many kinds of juicers, each with slightly different specifications. One type is Masticating juicers, which are a slow, crushing type of juice extractor. The mechanism of masticating juicers resembles chewing, hence the name. Unlike traditional juice extractors, masticating juicers do not have that ‘spinning blade’ action.

Manual Juicers
Manual juicers like hand juicers that can be used to squeeze fruit juice and pulp from fruits, are also efficient, but they do not extract the juice content completely. Probably the only manual juicers that are extremely efficient at extracting juice are citrus juicers. The best citrus juicers give a close squeeze that gives you fully extracted pulp and juice, without drawing in the bitterness from the underside of the orange peel, or lemon peel. This is why so many people prefer traditional hand juicers or manual juicers when it comes to getting fresh, hand squeezed orange juice.

Centrifugal Juicers
Another popular type of juicers are centrifugal juicers.  A centrifugal juicer has a motor with spinning blades that shreds the fruits or vegetables to be juiced, and extracts the juice. The spinning blades separate the shredded pulp and rind, and the juice. By centrifugal action of the spinning blades, the pulp is propelled outwards (centrifugally). Centrifugal juicers are extremely effective and commonly available everywhere. The price range depends upon the company and the quality. If youre lucky, you can pick up an excellent discount juicer that would’ve cost you twice the price otherwise. Buying juicers online is a wise idea too, as they generally sell at less when compared to retail outlets.

Masticating Juicers
Masticating juicers normally cost more than centrifugal juicers. This is because masticating juicers ‘work’ the fruits and vegetables more, and are more efficient juice extractors. The difference in price range is completely justified when you consider that masticating juicers actually provide you with more vitamins and mineral content in the extracted juice, as well as better taste and consistency. Masticating juicers preserve the original, characteristic taste of fresh fruit, and make for a more wholesome drinking experience, than centrifugal juicers. They also ‘blend’ the juice with less air, which is said to reduce oxidation in the juice. In either case, fresh juice is at your service!

Juice Extractors
Juice extractors are a very good way to incorporate more fresh fruit and fruit derivatives into your diet. With how busy our schedules are, it may not always be possible to sit down and have 3-4 portions of fruit all through the day. But if you have fresh juice ready, you’re giving your body a shot of well needed and well deserved nutrients. And these aren’t even a luxury. These nutrients, like essential vitamins and minerals, are what your body needs to continue functioning optimally.

Benefits to Juicing Vegetables
And it’s not even just fruits anymore. There are many benefits to juicing vegetables for a quick meal on the run, when you don’t have time to make an elaborate sit down meal, but don’t want to compromise your diet by picking up take away junk food either. Juicing leafy greens like spinach and kale, soft vegetables like tomato, and vitamin A powerhouses like carrots, are an amazing way of giving yourself a superdose of nutrients. And when done with the right juice extractor, the flavor is preserved and your drink will taste amazing too! And this need not be just for adults, or just for someone on a diet. Even children can be taught to develop a taste for good, fresh juice instead of sugar loaded calorie bombs that most commercially packaged juices are. Some like wheat grass are ridiculously expensive, but if juiced properly, will give you a storehouse of vitamins. And children can benefit from these added nutrients even more as they are still in their growing stage.

Maintaining Juicers
And maintaining juicers is easy too. Centrifugal juicers often have blade settings that can be interchangeably used. Hand juicers or citrus juicers often come apart completely, for very easy cleaning. So it need not be a time consuming process, especially if you juice every day and need to clean up every day. It can very quickly fall into place in your daily routine, and not be a chore at all. Most centrifugal juicers have dishwasher safe parts, as well as some manual juicers. This makes cleaning up even more simple. It might seem confusing, and it might seem like a big investment to make if you’re thinking of buying a pricey juice extractor, but the right juicer will make your kitchen a veritable font of incredible juices.

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