Juicing Recipes for Acai Berry Juice

Acai Berries- Wonder Fruit Juice!

About acai berry juice and calories in fruits

Acai berries have been all the range in recent times, with some people swearing by them, while others dismiss them as another fad diet. Whatever the case, acai berry juice still remains one of the best juicer recipes to have, for its sheer nutrient potential.

acai berry

Acai berries are a South American wonderfruit that has been in the news lately because of their antioxidant power. They contain certain biologically active plant chemicals or phytochemicals that have very potent effects on the human body, such as anti aging effects and dramatic weight loss properties. The traditional way to have acai berries is to make acai berry juice, for which you need the most efficient and best juicers.

Acai berry juice is just as rich in cancer and free radical fighting antioxidants as the fruit is, so the juice is a huge boost to your immunity. The best part about acai berry juice is that not only is it very easy to make, but when you consider how few calories are in the fruit, it becomes a power packed drink that you can incorporate in your diet. For example, try this recipe.

Tropical Acai Blast
Take one bowlful of acai berries and add a banana and some crushed ice, or directly use frozen acai berries. This is the simplest and best juicer recipe as there are no additives whatsoever, and the bananas make it more filling and give it better consistency too. If you like, you can add a little sugar, honey or a small amount of agave. Papayas are a great alternative to bananas too, and both will give your acai berry juice a tropical punch. But other fruits work just as well too. So if you’re making a low calorie smoothie, consider adding berries like blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, cranberries, or thicker fruit like apples, pears, etc. All of them work very well with acai berry, to make an Acai Berrylicious Blast!

Most fruits are already packed full of vitamins. So when you add acai juice to this mix, you’re not only keeping yourself on a low calorie leash because of the low amount of calories in fruit, but you’re also giving yourself a megadose of essential vitamins and minerals. You can modify some of the best juicer recipes to make smoothies that can even serve as meal replacements.

Acai Berry Breakfast Mix
For example, if you blend in half a cup of crushed or powdered rolled oats, or granola with your acai juice and other fruit, you’ll have a filing drink that can double up as a meal if you supersize it. Plus, there’s no added sugars, no preservatives, no additives, and no artificial flavoring- Just you, some fruit, and your trusted blender. You can even make small servings of sinfully rich and delicious juice mixes with cocoa bean, cherries, or cinnamon to make a decadent smoothie, with acai berry juice added for that shot of nutrients. There are so many combinations you can try!