Collard Greens Juice

Twist of Taste- Collard Greens Juice

Collard Green JuicesYou might be more accustomed to eating your collard greens with grilled chicken or chopping them up in a salad, but did you know that you can make fabulous collard greens juice too? Collard greens are an amazing source of vitamins A, B complex, C and K, in addition to calcium, magnesium, iron, etc. they make the perfect winter time vegetable, because a cold snap brings out the underlying sweetness of their leaves.

This is exactly what you can use, especially if you’re aiming for a juice cleanse or juice diet green supreme. Plus the vegetable vitamins and fiber make it a good alternative to holding your nose and chugging a thick oatmealy smoothie instead.

Collard greens juice is one of the most overlooked vegetable juices. For a quick fix recipe, here’s what you can do. Take some lighter, more tender leaves of collard greens (they’re slightly sweeter), and juice them with a carrot, chopped into large chunks. You can leave the pulp for fiber or strain it, as you like. To add a nice fruity kick, juice two green apples and add the juice to the mix, and run it through the blender.

The sweetness of the apples will make it unnecessary to add any sweeteners. You can drink this juice 2-3 times a week for a great nutritional boost. Another variation is that you can juice collard greens, half a cup to one cup of chopped greens, with lemon and grated ginger. If it tastes too strong to you, you can dilute it with water and a little stevia or half a teaspoon of honey.