Cabbage Juice

Make Way For Cabbage Juice!

Cabbage JuicesWe eat cabbage in a variety of ways. The leafy green to purple colored vegetables make their way onto our tables in salads with a hundred different flavorings, but cabbage vegetable juice is a really good way of doing a cleanse vegetable juice style. Instead of going on a crash diet, or starving yourself to fit into a tight dress, try eating smarter and healthier and making intelligent choices. This is where vegetable juice recipes come into the picture. If you don’t have the best juicer for greens already, then consider investing one one, because the incorporation of good vegetable juices can revolutionize your diet completely.

Cabbage juice may not seem like the first option when it comes to using cabbage, but you can use it in many ways. Its versatility opens many combinations, such as this one. This recipe is especially awesome because of how rich cabbage is in vitamin A, C, and minerals like iron and sulfur. It helps make these juices great detox juices as well.

Use half a cup of chopped red and green cabbages, and two green apples. Juice them all together in a good juicer, and blitz them for a smooth consistency. Strain and add a twist of lemon and lime for a nice aftertaste. You can even add a little grated ginger for a natural cold reliever detox cleanse vegetable juice. You can substitute the green apples for a roughly chopped carrot and half a beet for a purple iron rich smoothie too.