Best Juicer Recipes For Apple Carrot Juice

The Apple Juice and Carrot Juice Blast!

Daily Diet with Apple and Carrot Juice for a Healthy Life

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A very useful method of incorporating a blast of antioxidants into your daily diet is to put your juicer to use and make a combination of apple juice and carrot juice. Apples are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and calcium, while carrots are a huge source of vitamin A in the form of Beta carotene. In addition, both these ingredients are very high in fiber and low in carbohydrates.

This makes them filling and lets you stay ‘fuller’ for a longer period of time. Carrots are so low in calories that a medium sized carrot has only 3-4 calories in it. This is why you can use them in the best juicer recipes, to make mixed juice drinks that are both healthy and flavorful.

Basic Juicer Recipe for Apple/Carrot Juice

Here is most basic juicer recipe for making an apple juice and carrot juice drink. Take four large carrots, washed and peeled ( a quick swipe with the grater will get most of the brown skin off). Wash the apples and core them, and cut them into large chunks. Use sweet apples like Golden delicious or Fuji for a nice, pleasantly sweet juice. Blitz them in the juicer for a while till the consistency is even. Pour the mixed juice into a tall glass and serve chilled!

Apple Carrot Juices

Another yummy variation is to use granny smith apples, 1-2 depending upon how much juice you want. Always use firm apples as they will give you more juice. Combine with 3-4 carrots and a few thin slices of ginger for a metabolism boosting kick, and blend away. This is one of the best juicer recipes for a healthy drink that’ll keep you running for a while, and is low calorie too!

You can also try combining apple juice and carrot juice with 1-2 cups of washed and coarsely chopped spinach leaves. This apple carrot spinach juice combo is incredibly rich in vitamins like A, C, K, and in microminerals as well. Plus, again, it’s filling enough for you to use it as a meal replacement!